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How to choose a mobile phone data line

Date:2018-05-28 Hits:246
More powerful sellers are generally the guarantee of product quality, because they do not want to sell the data lines are returned and exchanged, do not say back and forth postage bar, even if time and energy needs to be a lot of consumption. Therefore, gold sellers will cooperate with reputable manufacturers. The failure rate of these manufacturers is 1%, while the failure rate of some bad manufacturers is 30%. This is why the same model function is 2 times the price of the data line, for example: the data line of DEK 2 is sold 10 yuan, it sells 20 yuan, and the express is 10 yuan. If 10 yuan is the inferior line, it can not be used normally, you will call the seller for consultation, a telephone at least 10 minutes (and may be hit). Many times), a conservative estimate of 5 yuan of telephone charges, ultimately under the guidance of the seller's telephone, or can not be used normally, resulting in the exchange of goods, then you have to at least 10 yuan in the mailing fee (at least you send back the money you yourself, a line is 10 yuan, the seller will not be able to repost 10 yuan express fee to you, not to buy good buy The delivery fee for your replacement is still on your head, which is 20 yuan, so the total price is not the same as the 20 yuan line. This is just a loss of money. If you spend 3 nights playing this line, the loss will be more immeasurable. What's more unfortunate is that the changed data line is not normal. I think when you are in the same mood, even if it's the same data line, the buyers enjoy different prices and services at different sellers, and the prices are likely to come with free tests, technical advice, website downloads, free replacement, and guidance. Install a series of services. Why is the price of the cafe higher than the milk tea? The same is true of service and grade.