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The difference between OTG data cable and regular USB data cable

Date:2023-07-15 Hits:433

At present, OTG data cables have been widely used in the market and their functions are also very powerful. It has a similar appearance to our common data cable, and a regular USB data cable has become an essential item in our daily life. So what is the difference between an OTG data cable and a regular USB data cable?

USB cables are mainly used to connect mobile phones to computers and charge them. We can access photos and music on our phone through a computer and use our phone as a USB drive. The OTG data line expands the functions of mobile phones, making our connection with the Internet more convenient and more suitable for the development of the mobile The Internet Age.

It can also connect USB devices such as USB disks, mice, keyboards, etc. There is no computer. Easy to search for data, connect the mouse to play games, connect the keyboard to quickly type, connect the camera to directly browse images, that is, capture and transfer.

When we connect a computer with a data cable, it is not difficult to find that a USB cable charges digital products such as smartphones and is powered by the computer, while an OTG cable charges external devices through the phone.
In terms of hardware, the difference between OTG lines and USB lines is that there is a PIN connected to the GND ground wire at one end of the OTG line, which makes it easy for the machine to determine who is the host and who is the peripheral device of the device, as the appearance alone cannot distinguish between OTG lines and ordinary USB lines.

We can identify the OBG cable and USB cable from their appearance. Firstly, in terms of length and length, the length of the OBG line will be relatively short, while the length of the USB line will be longer. In terms of connectors, OTG cable connectors are larger than USB cable connectors, and of course, there are also connectors that are the same as USB cables, which is just a universal and easy to distinguish method.

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