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What are the characteristics of USB TYPE C interface?

Date:2018-10-05 Hits:248
As a 13-year-old professional data line manufacturer, we have a thorough understanding of the new USB TYPE C interface in the constantly updated market.
1. transmission speed: maximum data transmission speed to 10Gbit/ seconds, USB 3.1 is also the standard.
2. Positive and Reverse Interpolation: Supports the "Positive and Reverse Interpolation" function which can be inserted from both sides, and can withstand 10,000 times of repeated insertion.
3. Standard Type C data lines equipped with Type C Connectors can operate over 3A current and also support "USB PD" with USB power supply capability, providing up to 100W of power.

4. support three segment voltage output: 5V, 12V, 20V.


5. Fast charging: Through USB Power Delivery technology, the data line part supports 3A, the interface supports 5A current, can be used for digital products fast charging.
6. ultra thin: Port length 0.83 cm, 0.26 cm wide. The old USB port is 1.4 centimeters long and 0.65 centimeters wide. This also means that the end of the Type C data line will be 1/3 of the standard USB-A data line plug size.
7. Two-way power transfer: the old USB port, power can only be one-way transmission, USB-C port power transfer is two-way, which means it can have two power transmission mode. Therefore, users can not only use the laptop to charge mobile devices, but also other devices or mobile power supply to charge the laptop.
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