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An article gives you an idea of connector's past and present life

Date:2018-12-04 Hits:487
With the rapid development of electronic technology, USB connector interface which is widely used in electronic computers and mobile phones is also an exception.

Before the advent of the USB interface, there were many kinds of interfaces on the computer. Such as the previous serial mouse, keyboard of PS/2 interface, parallel port of connecting serial game equipment and pin printer, etc.

These interfaces are characterized by not only large size, but also slow transmission rate.

With the development of technology, the first generation of USB 1.0 interface came out in 1996. In the early stage, the support of windows system was not enough. Lack of software and hardware support, although early computers were equipped with USB interface, but because of poor compatibility, USB devices are scarce and mostly unused.

Until 1998, two years later. With the advent of USB version 1.1, Microsoft began to build a support module for USB interface in Windows 98 system, which supports simultaneous connection of multiple devices, and has a real "plug and play" feature. The speed has also reached 12Mbps, which is about 100 times faster than the standard serial transmission rate. Since then, USB devices have been widely favored by peripheral manufacturers. USB interface devices have gradually entered thousands of homes, and are gradually accepted and known by people.

usb 连接器
With the human footsteps into the new century, USB devices have also entered the era of USB 2.0. USB devices not only greatly improve the transmission rate, but also enrich the form of interface. For example, common A-port, B-port used in printing equipment, new C-port used in mobile devices, in addition, there are micro-USB interface, Mini-usb interface and so on. As a result, USB has really entered a brilliant period of rapid development.

USB connector

1. Supporting hot swapping. In this way, when users use external devices, they can directly insert these USB cable devices into the USB interface for direct use without restarting the computer.

2, easy to carry. Most USB devices are small, light and thin. For example, the U disk equipment is commonly used.

3, standard unification. Previous computers have a variety of interfaces, but after the emergence of USB connector interface, the original standard is not uniform for all kinds of devices, if PS/Q mouse, keyboard and so on have adopted a unified USB interface.

4. Multiple devices can be connected. At present, a computer on a personal computer often has multiple USB interfaces, which can connect several USB devices at the same time. It greatly improves the convenience of equipment use.

After the emergence of USB interface, the U-disk eliminated the traditional 1.44-inch floppy disk and made the CD-ROM "glorious retirement". The number of CD-ROM drives used is also countable. Originally, the computer was broken, and the system CD-ROM was an inseparable device. Now, a small USB boot disk has been completed, and it is faster and better to use.

Nowadays, USB devices are not only becoming brilliant, but also popular, such as Wi-Fi adapters, wireless mice, keyboards and so on. It makes our computers more convenient to use, and the data transmission rate is higher. The old interfaces on desktops and notebooks themselves are beginning to be phased out. USB interface has begun to profoundly affect our lives, but also makes us more and more convenient.