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Does cell phone charging heat have something to do with cell phone data lines?

Date:2018-12-13 Hits:2133

       Nowadays, young people like to charge their mobile phones while playing with them, which leads to cell phone fever and so on. Many friends think that this may be related to cell phone data lines. Is this the case? Here's Yachuang Electronics to introduce it to you.


Causes of cell phone charging fever:

  1. Because the smartphone screen, game application, cell phone signal and so on we use are very power-consuming, long-term use, especially playing games, can easily cause the cell phone to get hot, and it is playing games while charging the cell phone with the cell phone data line, which not only affects the battery life, but also is not very good for the cell phone.

  2. The cell phone data line used is overheated, so it's better to try a new one. Of course, we can't use inferior cell phone data line. Some small workshops or those retailers who recycle and resell the cell phone data line have no guarantee of quality.

  3. In the hot summer weather, using mobile phone data line to charge mobile phone for fear of burning can be placed in a place where air flow is relatively large, charging in a cooler environment, such as air-conditioned rooms, places where fans blow, avoiding places where heat sources are relatively large, which is conducive to mobile phone data line and mobile phone heat dissipation, to avoid the occurrence of valley fever.

  4. Avoid overcharging. When the mobile phone is full of electricity, we should get into the habit of pulling out the data line and charger in time, especially before going to bed and the next morning.

  5. If the cell phone fever is not due to the cell phone, you can check and click on the cell phone data line. It may be that the quality of the cell phone data line is too poor, and it can also cause the cell phone to heat when charging.

   Whether the heating of mobile phone charging is related to the mobile phone data line is introduced to you. Based on the above, we can find that there is a certain relationship between mobile phone charging and the mobile phone data line, but the main reason is the mobile phone.