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What is the impact of 200 billion US tariffs on China and the United States in the Sino-US trade war?

Date:2019-01-04 Hits:192

Many people think that the United States launched a trade war, which has little impact on China and should have no impact on the United States. In fact, the trade war between China and the United States has an impact on both countries. This article gives you an inventory of the impact of the trade war between China and the United States.

1. American employment is stable and unemployment rate is at a historic low, but the story is at a historic high. The main support for American stock market is the profit growth of multinational enterprises, but nearly 25% of their profits come from overseas. Once the trade war worsens, the profits of these multinational enterprises will be affected, which will have an impact on the relatively fragile stock market, and then affect the stability of American financial market. The consumption of settlers will inevitably drag down the American economy in the end.

2. The weakening of the competitiveness of the U.S. list commodity exports will naturally affect China's exports in the short term, thus affecting economic growth; in the medium term, it will have some negative effects on the upgrading of China's industrial structure audit.

3. Taxation of agricultural products will affect the stability of domestic prices in the short run, and then affect China's monetary policy. The implementation of tight monetary policy will restrain economic growth and affect the financial market.

What impact does the trade war have on China's stock and futures markets?

Trade wars will inevitably have a huge impact on the overall market economy of China and the United States. On the whole, the degree of risk preference in the market will cause considerable pressure. As the main commodity attribute of the market, there is no doubt that the stock market will usher in a wave of greater downside risks.

But there are also certain opportunities in the trade war. The trade barriers imposed by the United States on China's trade in the trade war will mainly focus on happy science and technology. ZTE Huawei, for example, will, under certain circumstances, stimulate the country's self-research and development speed of emerging science and technology, thus driving the science and technology sector, with chips and semiconductors as the theme, to rise, thus making materials colored gold. The futures price of one piece touched somewhat.

At the same time, in the process of trade counterattack, China must take a large number of imported agricultural products as the main counterattack. To a certain extent, it will make the prices of agricultural products rise rapidly within the break-line. The pull of trade war will also boost the agricultural products sector.

In addition, the hedging sentiment of the market will also lead to the rise of hedging varieties, while the defensive sector in the stock market will be relatively eye-catching, such as the gold sector, the pharmaceutical sector. In the futures market, the prices of Shanghai Gold and Shanghai Silver will also rise.


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