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Yachuang Technology Co., Ltd. Annual Meeting was held to celebrate outstanding employees.

Date:2019-01-09 Hits:170

         On the evening of January 5, 2019, Yachuang Technology Co., Ltd. 2018 Annual Conference and New Year's Evening were held in Hilton Huanpeng Hotel. At the annual meeting, the outstanding employees in Yachuang Technology Co., Ltd. in 2018 were commended.

                   Yachuang Electronics Excellent Staff

The picture shows that Yachuang Technology Co., Ltd. Painting has awarded honorary certificates and bonuses to four employees, including Zhou Xian and Fan Xiuying, the winners of the Excellent Employee Award.

    In this annual meeting, Yachuang Technology Co., Ltd. Painting has commended and rewarded six employees who won the Excellent Employee Award.

    "First of all, thank Yachuang Technology Co., Ltd. for giving me this award! I will take this as a new driving force to work hard in the new year and strive to contribute to the development of Yachuang Technology Co., Ltd.." The award-winning representative, Zhou Xian, said in her acceptance speech.

     Some of the above winners are veteran employees who have been in service for a long time, others are new employees who just joined our team this year. They have won some honors for Yachuang Technology Co., Ltd. with their good performance and given us a better role model to lead. We hope that all our employees will follow their example in their future work and make better efforts to do their own work.

    I also believe that under the leadership of Yachuang Technology Co., Ltd. Painting General, all colleagues will work together, and we will surely get better and better.

    Let's make great efforts to create brilliance again

   Together, roll up your sleeves and dry them!!!

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