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Thoughts on Increasing Tariffs in Sino-US Trade War

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   In recent years, the process of global economic integration has been accelerating. Foreign trade has become the main way for China to integrate into the world stage. It can not only promote the circulation of resources at home and abroad, but also build a bridge for communication between Chinese and foreign cultures. However, as the outbreak of the Sino-US trade war this year has pushed the two major economies that are deeply integrated to the forefront of the storm, the Sino-US trade war has brought tremendous impact on China's economy. We must calm down and make an objective analysis of the whole process, and reflect on how to move forward in the future.

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   In recent years, Sino-US relations have been enjoyed by the world. With the rising of China's global economic status, the American authorities feel that their position as the world's hegemony is threatened. They not only fabricated the theory of China's threat, but also provoked the Sino-US trade war this year, in order to curb China's foreign economic development, and our country is not weakening the step-by-step pressing of the United States. Every time you come and go, I bring great trauma to each other.

   Reflections on the Increase of Tariffs in the Sino-US Trade War

    Bilateral economic and trade relations are of great importance to China and the United States

   China and the United States are among the world's powerful countries, so their relations are also enemies and friends. Because of the large scale of Sino-US trade exchanges, they are also the main driving force for the close development of Sino-US relations. As the largest import and export target, both sides have exceeded 600 billion US dollars in bilateral trade volume, which has deterred any country in the world. China and the United States not only interact in terms of resources. Although the United States has been coveting the rapid development of our country and wants to suppress our economy through the Sino-US trade war, bilateral economic and trade relations involve the interests of both sides, and it is difficult for the United States to completely pull out and hurt our country.

   Trade threats are difficult to solve Sino-US trade problems

   Since the beginning of the Sino-US trade war, both sides have not compromised each other. Although this economic campaign was initiated mainly by the United States, China is not willing to lag behind. In view of the US government's list of 50 billion US dollars in taxation of commodities in important technical fields, China also announced the list of 50 billion US dollars in Taxation of soybeans, automobiles, chemical products and other commodities in the same scale on the same day. Two days later, the U.S. government announced that it would impose tariffs on 100 billion US dollars of imported goods. On that day, the Ministry of Commerce of China formulated corresponding countermeasures against the tax list. However, this kind of business between you and me is more mutually demanding, and has not effectively solved the trade problem, but let the good relationship of many years of operation owe a lot to the top.

  Sino-US trade war exposes China's shortcomings

   The Sino-US trade war is full of vigor, but the disturbances need to be thought deeply. One of the most distressing scenes is that the United States sanctioned ZTE and stopped supplying chips to ZTE, which led to the collapse of a large group with 80,000 employees. This shows that the United States also knows the drawbacks of our country, making our country clearly aware of our existence. The short board is the core technology. The Sino-US trade war has made the U.S. a basin of cold water thoroughly cool. It has made our country deeply realize that the feeling of being restrained is intolerable. To avoid being restrained, we must study the core technology steadfastly. Only in this way can our country rise to the top of the world and firmly control the initiative in foreign trade. In order to enter the world stage, China should not only rely on population, culture, economy, but also enhance its innovative ability, focusing on the development of new technology fields. It is hoped that in the near future, the development of any field in our country will be in line with the world.

   Concluding remarks

   In the Sino-US trade war, China's vigorous counterattack was not desperate. From it, we can see that China has the strength to compete with the United States, which freed China from the criticism of weak economic strength, and let the world see that China is gradually becoming stronger. Although the Sino-US trade war will put the two sides in a disadvantageous position, the U.S. act of self-harm also attracts the disdain of other countries. In addition, the Sino-US trade war, to a certain extent, promotes China to speed up the process of institutional reform and learn to reflect and grow in pain, which will be a more powerful source of power in the future.

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