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What is the difference between USB data cable and charging cable?

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  I went to install the USB data cable of the mobile phone, but the staff said that it could only be equipped with the USB direct charging appliance (that is, modified), but not with the USB data cable.

1.Functional differenceThe difference between "charging line" and "data line" is that the charging line cannot transmit data, while the data line can transmit data.

2.Look the difference betweenThe charging line should be thinner than the data line. (because there are four data cables and only two charging cables)Charging line


cable:Generally, our data cables and charging cables are all USB interfaces, and there are generally four cables. The charging line USES the VCC and GND lines of the power supply, while the data line USES the VCC, GND and two communication lines. The data line has four lines in the heel line of the USB interface, while the power line has two lines in the USB cable. Therefore, the data line can be used as the power line, while the power line cannot be used as the data line.The line inside the data line is very thin, different resistance of the line is different, the current size is not the same, the current is large charging fast, otherwise slow. The general original charger is fast, repair shop inside to buy the unbranded, inside the copper wire is very thin, charging is slow.

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The connection mode of mobile phone data cableRed line: positive pole of power supply (mark on wiring: +5V or VCC)White line: negative voltage Data line (identified as: Data- or USB Port -)Green line: positive voltage Data line (marked as Data+ or USB Port +)Black line: GROUND (GROUND or GND)Mobile phone charging line wiringRed line: positive pole of power supply (mark on wiring: +5V or VCC)Black line: GROUND (GROUND or GND)

(I) differences in USES: USB data line is used as a bridge for data transmission between mobile phone and computer, while charging line is used for charging. The USB cable can be used as a charging line, but the charging line cannot connect the mobile phone and computer for data transmission.

(2) difference in composition: generally, our data line and charging line are usb-connected, and there are usually four wires. In composition, the charging line may only have two lines of power supply, VCC and GND, while the data line USES VCC, GND and two communication lines. Because of the difference in composition, there are also differences in function.

(3) difference in appearance: the USB port with the touch pad face up, and the number of touch pads inside the USB port, only two touch pads are charging lines, and four touch pads are data lines. However, in order to disturb the eyes and ears, some manufacturers deliberately made four touch pads and only two internal lines (power supply VCC and GND lines).Extended information


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