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Why Apple data cable is expensive

Date:2022-07-09 Hits:411

Why Apple data cable is expensive

Which Apple data lines are qualified? What are the criteria for good or bad? Fast charging? No problem with it? Or MFI certified?

In fact, for users, it looks good and easy to use, that is good.

Specific to these brands, it seems that they all look the same. The key is how they are used. The main differences between these lines are whether they have MFI certification, charging speed and speed of data transmission

People who have used Apple mobile phones have such a problem, that is, the data is super easy to break, and the data cable is broken unconsciously, and then they have to pay for it. That's really distressing. If you buy it in some mobile phone stores or on Taobao, it's cheap, but it's easy to buy fake goods and it's easier to break down. It's expensive to buy the original one on the official website, and I'm very reluctant. How can I identify the authenticity of Apple's data line? Where can I buy a slightly cheaper but better data cable? Now let's take a look with Xiaobian!

Apple data cable is cheap from 10 yuan to 20 yuan, and the original one is 149 yuan. Basically, there is no difference. Generally, our data line and charging line use USB interface. Generally, there are four lines. When the charging line is used, the VCC and GND of the power supply are used, while the data line uses VCC, GND and two communication lines.

Why MFI certification is necessary? First of all, explain that MFI certification is a certification of the exclusive Apple lightning interface. With the upgrade of IOS system, apple can update the system at any time to eliminate the unauthenticated data lines.

Some inferior and uncertified products directly appear uncertified warnings, unable to charge and data transmission; The charging speed is extremely slow. The long-term use of poor quality data lines will accelerate the aging of the battery, cause irreversible damage to the mobile phone, and may cause an explosion if you are not careful.

The genuine cable will be printed with the words "designed by apple in California" and "assemb led in China," or "assembed in Vietnam," and "ind ú stria Brasileira", followed by a 12 or 17 digit serial number.

It can be seen from the material drawings of data line disassembly of various brands exposed by the media that the MFI certified Apple MFI chip is indeed built in, and it is this chip that makes the price of these brand data lines relatively high. MFI certified wires are almost the same as the original ones in terms of core materials, including aluminum foil shielding layer, metal woven mesh, tensile design, and thick power lines. Normally, the charging speed will be faster.

Take another look at the wires that have not been MFI certified. At the data cable plug, you really don't see an MFI chip with apple certification built in. On the material of the core, except for an anti-interference aluminum foil shielding layer, several other data lines are directly wrapped around the power line, which is obviously not as solid as the original standard material, and the price will be much cheaper than the original.

Customers can also check the clue of USB end. Specifically, the linkage device on the genuine cable USB shell is trapezoidal, and the distance from both sides is the same. In addition, the USB connection interface is gold, and the interface is smooth and consistent, and the insulator is unified and flat.

In addition, Apple also introduced the identification methods of lightning to 30 pin interface and lightning to micro USB interface, which are mainly judged by printing process, plug-in feel and so on.

Usually, after we get a data line, we will think that its cost, that is, material and technology, will not exceed a few yuan in total. This is not wrong in itself, but why does Apple's original data line cost 149 yuan? Is it to raise the price out of thin air?

When the company is big, it needs money everywhere

There are not many people in a small workshop, and the data lines produced are enough for self-sufficiency. However, apple is different. With so many employees, everyone has to eat and support their families. It is obvious that the company's operating costs will be added to the final products. It is also common for consumers to pay for them, not just products such as data lines.

"Certification cost + cost of high-quality materials + process cost + company operating cost + various taxes", a few yuan per link, and finally the final accounting to consumers is naturally high price, no 149 yuan also need dozens of yuan, which is why many insiders say that Apple products are really not expensive. The combination of "low material cost + low process cost" of Shanzhai data line is "affordable". But this is not the result we want.

Although Shanzhai is cheap, we can't always rely on Shanzhai to bring us price comfort. After all, Shanzhai accessories are still unreliable. Although it can't be seen from the data line, there are unstable factors in the quality of Shanzhai accessories when it comes to acoustics or other products with complex processes. Moreover, always being a copycat will make no progress for the whole domestic brand. Can't domestic accessory brands reach the level of original quality and price affinity? "It is difficult to climb the path of Shu, but difficult to climb the sky."

If we follow the reasoning of ordinary people, we will think that the gap between Apple data line 149 metadata line and 6 yuan Shanzhai is mainly concentrated in the internal shielding layer and appearance technology, and this gap is about 143 yuan. Indeed, this is the appearance seen from the pure material cost. In fact, many invisible costs are invisible to us.

Actual measurement of charging speed:

When choosing a data line, what consumers can see and care about is the charging speed.

The media also measured the charging speed of iPhone and iPad on these data lines.

When charging the iPad, the current test results of certified and non certified wires are as follows: