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What kind of mobile phone is the type-C data cable suitable for? Can I charge Huawei?

Date:2022-07-23 Hits:430
What kind of mobile phone is the type-C data cable suitable for? Can I charge Huawei?

What kind of data cable can type-C charge Huawei? First of all, we have to understand the advantages and functions of type-c. next, Yachuang Electronics will take you to know:

The advantage of type-C data line is that it supports a high power on current, that is, using type-C at the same time will pass more current, thereby speeding up the charging speed of the device. At present, the charging current of most type-C data lines is generally 2A. If you want to reach the 3A charging rate, you need to match it with the high current wall charging. In other words, if wall charging only supports 1a, there is no difference whether it is charged with 2A or 3A data lines; If the current supported by the wall charging is 2a, coupled with the type-C data line of 2a/3a, the effect can be significantly changed.

In addition, it also has two-way charging function. Devices equipped with type-C interface can be charged by connecting the mobile power supply through the type-C line. Users do not need to carry the charging line with them. There are wall charging and type-C lines. In addition, when selecting type-C charging data line, we should pay attention to the current limit. 1A charging data line does not have fast charging performance, 2a is the most commonly used type-C charging data line, and 3a is the best data line at present. If you want to have fast charging effect, you must choose type-C charging data line with 3A power on current.

1. Type-C is an interface standard. Its appearance is characterized by no distinction between positive and negative sides. It can be inserted and used at any time. Together with type-A and type-B, it is called three interfaces. Type-A is generally used on computers or accessories, such as mouse, USB flash disk, etc. most of them use usb-a interface. Type-B is common in scanners and printers. Nowadays, the type-C interface is mainly used in mobile phones and tablets.

2. It can charge Huawei mobile phones, but the premise is that the charging interface of the mobile phone must be type-c. if the older Huawei mobile phones use the type-A interface, they cannot be charged with the type-C data line. Most of the new mobile phones use the type-C interface, which can be charged with this data line.

3. Its advantages are very obvious: the interface is very thin, both positive and negative can be used, the transmission speed is faster, and the charging efficiency is higher. According to the test, the transmission speed of type-C can reach 10Gbps, which is several times that of other types of interfaces. In addition, it can make the charging power reach 100 watts, which is easy to realize fast charging. The key is that each charging does not need to distinguish the front or back of its interface.

What kind of mobile phone is the type-C data cable suitable for

As long as the interface adopts type-C data cable, it is suitable for this kind of data cable, such as Huawei mate20 series, Huawei P30 series, Huawei Nova series, Huawei P40 series, Xiaomi 6 series, Xiaomi 8 and later models, Hongmi and other models. But note that many apple phones cannot use this kind of data cable, because its charging port is lighting interface.

Is the type-C data line universal

It is universal. Theoretically, all devices using this interface can be used, but it should be noted that not all type-C data lines can be used on any device, because some mobile phones support different fast charging protocols, and the data lines selected are different. Select the corresponding type of data line acording to the mobile phone support protocol.

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