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Advantages and disadvantages of spring pin connector

Date:2022-10-08 Hits:425
1、 Advantages of spring pin connectors.

1. Its compression is large, and the pressure change of its spring is small.
2. Small size, space saving, and more accurate and stable contact.
3. Long service life.
4. Fashionable appearance and thick texture, suitable for high-end electronic products.
5. The production speed is fast, the input cost is low, and there is no need to open the mold.
With the rapid development of the times and the needs of modern society, Pogo pin spring pin connector has been used by more and more industries, and is now a common connector on the market. Pogo pin spring pin connector has been widely used in watches, mobile phones, communications, medical, automotive, aviation and other industries, especially in the electronics industry.
For example, most of the electronic charging connectors choose to use spring pin connectors, which not only makes it more convenient, but also improves the stability, durability, corrosion resistance and other characteristics of these connectors. Here, Chuanfu Electronic Technology simply enumerates the advantages of using Pogo pin spring pin connector compared with spring clip connector.
The Pogo pin spring pin connector has a large compression amount and stable contact compared with the spring plate connector of the same size. The Pogo pin spring pin connector has a more effective working compression amount than the spring plate connector, ensuring the stability of contact.
Compare PogoPin spring pin connector and spring plate type connector with the same compression amount. When the working position is 4mm and the compression amount is 1mm, the PogoPin spring pin connector takes up less space on the PCB board, so it can realize the thin miniaturization of the body.
Pogo pin's needle tube, needle shaft, spring material selection and gold plating requirements greatly increase the service life compared with traditional products. The service life of Pogo pin connector is longer, and it can keep the connector in continuous use for more than 10000 times.
When compressed, the contact point position of the Pogo pin spring pin connector remains unchanged, which can maintain a stable connection point and obtain stable electrical performance. The pin type is 20000 times, and the spring type is 5000 times. The durability of the Pogo pin spring pin connector is better than the spring type. The shape of the plastic gel and the combination of the pin can be set freely.
From the above analysis, we can see that Pogo pin spring pin connector has many advantages, such as longer working life, full use of PCB space, high degree of freedom of design, stable contact pressure, etc.

2、 Disadvantages of spring pin connectors.
    1. The spring pin connector has high precision requirements, so its manufacturing defect rate is also high.
    2. When the spring pin connector is compressed, the contact point will not move, but when there is foreign matter or dirt at the contact position, connection failure is easy to occur.
     3、 . Precautions for use of spring pin connector.
1. Prevent the force from the side not in the vertical direction and other spring pin connectors. 2. The battery contact or FPC gold finger corresponding to the spring pin connector shall not be dirty or oxidized.
    3. If the pressure is too small and the positive pressure is insufficient, the impedance will be unstable. If pressed too much, it will hit the nozzle, causing a catch.
    4. During assembly, attention shall be paid to prevent the nozzle from being hit and injured, so as to avoid causing pins.
    5. When assembling and using the head and nozzle, they must be prevented from contacting the plastic baffle.